Level Up Faster Leveling Up Techniques

Don’t Lose Experience In The Late Games

Gaining experience in the late game is as important as in the early game. Having a level advantage over the enemy is a massive bonus. This means that you will have more skill points than your enemies to dominate them with.

Skill points are a very important aspect of the game. Learning how to level up your skills can bring great advantage in a close fight. After every level-up of a spell, it deals more damage, it’s negative effects last longer and takes bigger advantage of your items. This can be very helpful not only in the early game but in the late one too.

After all the players feel strong and ready for objectives, they tend to make bigger fights on those objectives. Many people forget to keep on killing monsters and taking enough gold and experience. This can result in a very big problem once the game advances. Getting experience and gold is one of the main goals of the game.

Killing other champions can give a lot of money, but it’s not worth it if you have to stop farming minions. Always try to look around the map for opportunities to take some experience and gold. However, always be careful of their team because they may want to ambush a player, which wants to take advantage of a big wave of minions.

A great way to keep your farm up and help the team is to push the lane, which means to kill some waves of minions and then roam over to the closest lane. This way you can help the team regularly while making some serious progress on your champion. After a couple of minutes, the enemy wave will have the advantage on your lane. Get back to it and keep on farming. Doing this thing for a while will make you a lot stronger than your wandering enemies.

Being on a lane with your teammates without an objective is a huge mistake too. The experience from minions is being split among all your teammates next to them. This means that you will gain a small amount of experience and gold, while the minions on the other lanes kill one another. Go and get them or take some monsters in the jungle. This can never be a bad idea if you keep an eye on the enemy team.

Never let big waves of minions die to the tower. If you can’t go and take them, ping to your teammates to take care of them. Letting your teammates get better in the game can only be an advantage to you. League of Legends is a team based game and you need to be friendly and respectful to all your teammates.

The last hitting mechanic is very useful in the early game. Many people tend to forget about it once the game has come to a certain place. Ignore the fact that the game is already pretty late and keep on the last hitting. This can bring you a lot of money for precious items.

Always look for an income source. Professional players always tend to find something for gold. Sitting around is the biggest mistake a novice makes. Be sure to keep an eye on the jungle. Not only yours but the enemy jungle as well. This can result in a loss for them.