Get The Most Out Of The Lane Level Up Faster

Get The Most Out of Minions

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena in which two teams of five compete against one another. The main goal of the game is to be better than the opposite player who plays the same role as you and to work well with your team. One of the most important aspects of getting gold is farming minions. Learning how to farm like a professional is not hard at all if you know the basics of how minions work.

Minions are first spawning at 1:05 and keep coming on waves every 30 seconds. The wave consists of three melee minions and three caster minions. Siege minion spawns on every third wave for the first 15 minutes. From minute 15 to 25, they spawn every second wave. After that, they spawn with every minion wave. Super minions spawn after an inhibitor is destroyed. They are much stronger than regular minions and take the place of the siege minions. If all three inhibitors are destroyed, two of them will spawn on all three lanes each wave.

Minions have a priority system to attack enemies. There are seven rules when it comes to minions attacks:

  1. Enemy champion attacks an allied one.
  2. Enemy minion attacks an allied champion.
  3. Enemy minion attacks an allied one.
  4. Enemy turret attacks an allied minion.
  5. Enemy champion attacks an allied minion.
  6. The enemy closest minion.
  7. The enemy closest champion.

There are a lot of tactics to farm for the most experience and gold resulting in a better general stats of your champion. There are ways to get almost every minion that comes to your lane. Try to deny your enemies of pushing the lanes, because the tower can get some of the minions. The melee minions can take two hits from the tower and after that, you should hit them. However, the caster minions are weaker, which means that you should let the tower hit them just once, before killing them.

Freezing the lanes is a great tactic to get the most of your farm too. Freezing a lane means to keep the lane minions on a certain place and not pushing them. The best way to freeze a lane is a bit towards your tower. This way the enemy jungler won’t be able to gank your lane, but yours can come any second. Out of fear the enemy player won’t be able to get all the gold and experience from your minions, resulting in a winning lane for you.

Slow pushing is a technique which can let you roam the map, without losing experience or gold. All you have to do is kill the caster minions as fast as possible and then last hit the others. After a wave or so, you will be able to roam while the other player should defend their tower from getting destroyed from minions. They have the ability to destroy towers with ease when the wave is big.

Fast pushing is a great way to take some time for recalling. After you kill the enemy or they go back to the base for some reason, be sure to push the lane as fast as possible and go back to your base. Collecting large amounts of gold can give the enemy a huge advantage over you. Getting back after push lets you pick the lane when the new wave comes. This way you won’t lose a single minion.

Getting familiar with the minions can consume some time, but be sure to follow some tips and everything will be fine. Every champion can farm differently, so the general methods are not enough. Get used to your champion, accept critics and always try to learn from your mistakes.

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