Leveling Up In The Jungle Leveling Up Techniques

How To Jungle For Maximum Experience

The jungle role is one of the most important and strong ones in Solo Queue. Having a good jungler is almost a certain win, as it helps every other teammate win their lane. Mastering the jungle is not that hard, once you understand the main concept of jungling. Be sure to level up as fast as the other players and don’t lose gold on farm.

Learning how to farm in the jungle is essential. Taking out camps is something you will learn with time. Be sure to kite the monsters instead of killing them in a close fight. This way you will reduce the damage you will take from a single monster in the jungle. In the jungle, every little bit of health matters and can make a huge impact on your late game. Kiting with ranged champions is easier because of their higher range of basic hits. Be sure to know the range of the monster you attack and make it run towards you, during the fight, instead of hitting you. With melee champions, it is a bit harder. After every hit, move a little bit from the camp, so the monsters should run towards you. Be sure to know how frequently your attacks are, so you don’t lose any time impacting with your damage.

Knowing how to kill a certain camp with a certain champion is very important too. If your champion has a lot of AOE abilities, you can try and kill the big monsters in a camp first. Otherwise, be sure to kill the smaller enemies too, because they deal more damage than the big one when their damage stack.

Always have a plan in the jungle. Having a path you follow can help you time your camps and kill them as soon as they spawn. This way you will get the maximum amount of experience and gold from the jungle, as possible. Having a path in the jungle gives you a lot of free time to take control of the river and plan your ganks. The river is a very important place on the map because of the epic monsters. Always have good vision on them and be sure to take them out with your teammates as soon as possible.

Take care of the crab in the river and consume all the free food. The Honeyfruit gives you a lot of health and mana. It drops 5 pieces of the fruit and taking one of them gives you between 14-116 health and some mana. Taking all five of them can boost you enough for a gank or finish your path in the jungle. The Scuttle will give you a vision on the river and give you extra experience and gold. Be sure to take it out fast, because their jungler will most likely want it too. Avoid using your escape abilities on it to take it out faster and save them for their jungler.