Level Up Faster Leveling Up Techniques

Leveling up guide

Reaching level 30 on your account includes a lot of advantages for your game. It lets you play ranked games with other experienced players and compete for higher divisions. Even if you have played the game before, there is no escape from grinding up to level 30. It’s frustrating for already experienced players and they tend to find ways of climbing the ladder faster.

Leveling up to level 30 takes around 21 400 EXP, which sound a lot less than it actually is. Winning a game gives you 204 EXP, but losing one gives you 167. On average a game length is around 30 minutes. This means that you will have to play countless hours to reach the level for ranked games.

Winning your games gives you more experience than losing them. This means that you have to play in the best way you can, even if you don’t care about the current game. Teaming up with friends can be a huge advantage if you all have experience in the game. Winning a game with an experienced friend during leveling up is very easy. It takes little to no skill at all to win a game against beginners.

First win of the day is a bonus you get every day. Once you hit level 15 you will get not only free EXP but IP too. 400 bonus experience can be quite a lot when leveling up on a hurry. Be sure to log in daily and your level up journey will get much easier.

EXP Boosts increases the exp gained from games. Duration boosts double your EXP from every game you play, no matter if you win the game or not. Win Boosts gives you a bonus of 210 EXP every time you win a match. Getting so much more exp on every game can be a huge benefit. This is the best way to level up fast, but it’s not for free. EXP boosts can be purchased with Riot Points, which cost real money. This is the only way to gain them.

Playing games with bots on Twisted Treeline to gain EXP Boosts is quite a great tactic for leveling up faster. You can win a game in around eight minutes, which means that spamming the games can give you a great number lot of bonuses. The main problem with this method is, that you won’t get any better in the game, but you will level up quite fast.

If you already have enough experience with the game from your previous accounts, be sure to use that advantage. Taking an aggressive approach with your enemies can make you much stronger every game. Winning games faster is, of course, better for your overall time of leveling up to level 30.  Pick champions which can win the game by themselves with a little advantage in the early game.

There is not any way to exploit the game leveling up system. The only way to level up faster is to play as much as you can. Getting better and buying boosters can shorten the time by a lot, but it’s still a frustrating experience.